Welcome to the Shipping Info page. Almost any question you have about your order in regards to shipping will be answered here! Please read through this page before placing an order, or if you have an inquiry about your order.


Does Rubashka ship internationally?

Yes! We ship all over the globe. 


How long does it take for my package to arrive once it is shipped?

All orders are shipped within 24 hours of being placed.* We are located right next to the post office so most orders are shipped out same or next day once an order is placed. If you place an order before 4 PM PST (Monday through Friday), there is a high chance it will be shipped out the same day. Rubashka ships with USPS or UPS. Once your package arrives in the post office, you will receive your items from 2-7 days on average, in the USA.

Most international shipments can take anywhere from 2-5 weeks to arrive. On occasions when the post office is overwhelmed with orders, shipping times may be longer. Please consider this before purchasing and we thank you for your patience. You can refer to your tracking and rest assured, your order should arrive. For faster shipping, we recommend choosing UPS as your shipping option. 

Customers who live in Italy: We recommend choosing UPS as your shipping option- these orders normally arrive in 2-5 days. Some customers have been experiencing longer delays than other international customers with the more economical, but slow USPS shipping option. 

*Excludes orders placed on Postal Holidays, Weekends, Pre-Orders, and Pending Payments


My package has not arrived by its delivery expectation. Where is it now? 

Delivery expectations are not guarantees by either Rubashka LLC nor the USPS/UPS. While most orders arrive within delivery expectation time frames, some orders may arrive 1-7 days after this date due to unexpected events such as inclimate weather, postal staff shortages, natural disasters, broken down delivery vehicles or misplaced/rerouted parcels. Please be aware of this and reference your tracking number for further updates. 


Do I have to pay customs or other fees?

If placing an order to be delivered outside of the USA, your order may be subject to additional charges. International customers are responsible for any customs, duties, taxes, VAT, charges, or other fees that may incur due to importing into the buyer's country. Rubashka LLC is not responsible for any of these additional charges. Please refer to your country's laws and import taxes for further information.


Where does Rubashka ship from?

We ship ALL orders from our office in Washington State, USA.


My order has been stuck in the same location for a while now, is this normal?

Mail gets sent through several processing facilities for international orders. It may stay longer in certain areas because of customs clearance, this is normal. Additionally, the post office may not update your tracking until your package is nearing delivery. 


I placed an order but my tracking says my package is in a different country. Is this normal?

Some orders may go to one or several countries on its route to you. These are regional distribution centers, and this is part of the normal course of the shipping procedure for international orders. If you live in the USA, and your tracking number says your package is outside of the USA, this may be due to a mistake on USPS's behalf and it will get rerouted back to you. If this does happen, your parcel may experience delays but still will arrive once it is back on route. 


Tracking says my package has arrived but where is it? 

If your tracking states that your order has arrived but you do not see it, it is usually in 1 of 6 places.

1. Check your mailbox. Sometimes packages are small enough to fit in a mailbox and are placed in there.

2. Your order is at your local post office and customs need to be paid in order for you to receive it. Your post office may also hold your package for other reasons. 

3. Your postal carrier has not completed its delivery. Sometimes postal carriers complete delivery 1-2 days later, even though tracking has been updated to declare completion.

4. Your package is at another location associated with your address or family.

5. Your package may be at another post office that is local to you, and needs to be picked up there.

6. The post office misplaced or lost a package. Please contact your local post office and fill out a missing package form, sometimes they may be able to find it this way. 

If you still cannot find your package after completing these steps, please email us with your order number in the email title and we will gladly help you out. 


I placed an order but where is my tracking? 

Every order placed on the website comes with tracking, except for most orders containing only stickers. Sticker orders are shipped through first class mail and arrive in the typical amount of time as first class packages. Please check your mailbox for these type of orders. If you place a clothing order and do not receive tracking via email, your tracking may have ended up in your spam folder. You may also have entered an invalid email address when placing your order. Please update your profile with the correct email address to avoid future missed emails. If you still cannot find your tracking number feel free to email us and we will gladly give you your tracking info. 


What if I place an order that includes an item on pre-order?

If you place an order and 1 or more items are on pre-order, please be aware that your entire order may not ship out until we receive the products that were on pre-order. While an estimation will be given for a ship out date, these are only estimates and not guarantees. 


What if I placed 2 orders in the same day but only received 1 tracking number?

If you place 2 or more orders within 24 hours, we may combine orders at our discretion, only if they are shipping to the same location. We do this for logistical reasons. 


What if I placed 1 order but received 2 tracking numbers? 

Some orders may be split shipped, at our discretion. We do this for logistical reasons. If you place an order with a pre-ordered item and an in-stock item, we may also split ship your order, at our discretion.


What if I have questions about my order or need to modify it?

In order to maintain fast shipping times, most orders are shipped within 24 hours. Please carefully assess your order before placing it as we cannot modify your order once it is shipped out. Please include your order # in the email title when emailing us inquires about your order. 


Can I re-route my order to a different address once it is shipped?

Once your order is shipped out, we are not able to intercept or re-route any orders to a different address. Please carefully assess your order before placing it, especially if you are in the process of moving to a new address or if you are living in a temporary residence. 


An order I placed has shipped, but I entered the wrong or incomplete address. What happens now?

If an order is placed and the package is shipped out, we are not able to intercept it after this point. If you entered a valid shipping address, the postal system will ship it to that address. Rubashka LLC is not responsible for packages that are sent to mis-labeled addresses. If you have entered an incomplete or inaccurate address, there is a high chance that your package will be sent back to us by the postal system, if it is a domestic (USA) order. In this case, we will re-ship your order after we have confirmed the correct address. 


I placed an order by mistake, can I cancel it?

If you place an order by mistake and need to cancel it, we may be able to cancel it, only if the order has not yet shipped. If an order is placed and the package is shipped out, we are not able to intercept it after this point, and Rubashka LLC is not responsible for cancelling an order. In this event, the customer is responsible for arranging the parcel to be sent back, if they wish to be refunded. 


I received my package, but I got the wrong items. What do I do now?

In the rare and unlikely event that you receive defective items, missing items, or the wrong order please email us with your name, order #, and a brief explanation. We will arrange an exchange with you.

Does Rubashka accept returns?

We believe you will love our garments and we offer a 100% back money guarantee if you are unsatisfied with your purchase. Unworn products in their original packaging are eligible for a 100% refund (minus shipping and handling charges) for up to 10 days after their purchase.* Got the wrong size or the items don't fit? No problem. We will gladly arrange an exchange with you. Please email us with your order # in the email title. 

*These terms are only valid for domestic orders within the USA. International orders are not eligible for returns at this time.

Unclaimed parcels and parcels returned to sender

If you are placing an order internationally and do not pick it up from customs clearance or your post office, or refuse delivery, it may get sent back to us or discarded by the postal system. In this event, you will be refunded the cost of goods, minus the shipping cost--only if the parcel arrives back to us. It is the customer's responsibility to arrange a package pickup with your local post office in order to avoid issues with parcels getting sent back.