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I am in between clothing sizes. Which one should I get? 

Our clothing is true-to-size, unless stated otherwise. That being said, if you are in between sizes we recommend getting the larger size. For example, if you are in between size M and size L, get size L. 


What are the best methods for washing and drying my new clothing items?

In the most simple terms, washing your clothing cold and hang drying is the best method to clean them. That being said, here are some more detailed instructions to best care for your new clothing purchase:

Wash Inside Out: Flipping your clothing inside out helps protect the screen print from rubbing against other clothing items in the same load, increasing its longevity. 

Wash Cold: We recommend washing your garments at 30 degrees (or lower if possible). Heat can cause fading and shrinkage of the garment. It can also degrade the print faster. Pick a setting on your washer with a short wash cycle and low RPM.

Hang Dry: Hang drying is the best method to preserve the shape and condition of your clothing. If you must use a dryer, use a very low heat setting to reduce fading and shrinking of the garment. 

Wash With Like Colors: Washing with similar colors and materials can help with maintaining the color and condition of your clothing. 

Do Not Bleach: Bleach or other harsh chemicals will decrease the longevity of your clothing. Using a mild and gentle detergent for cleaning in the wash cycle is recommended. 

Do Not Iron: Avoid ironing the print on your garment. This can damage it. 


Where is Rubashka based?

Rubashka is based out of Washington State, USA.

Can I purchase Rubashka garments anywhere else?

Rubashka is sold exclusively online on our website www.rubashka.us. We do not have any other authorized retailers or distributors, only direct to consumer from our website. 

Why are some sizes frequently sold out?

Our garments are made in small and often limited quantities. Most items are very exclusive and will not be re-stocked. You have to be subscribed to the emailing list to know first when drops happen and before items sell out.


How is Rubashka pronounced? 

Rue-bah-shka (dont forget to roll the R!)


What does Rubashka mean? 

The name "Rubashka" is simply the English spelling of the Russian word рубашка, a contemporary word for a button up shirt. Historically, this was one of the most basic and staple items of clothing a peasant could wear.


How can I get in contact?

Feel free to email us at rubashka@rubashka.us.